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SimCNC software uses standard trajectory description programming language ISO G-Code, however during loading and working it analyzes every segment, arch and corner to create all shapes anew using advanced mathematical algorythms.


Software takes into consideration many variables such as: given tolerance, acceleration speed and type of curvatures to generate data for controller and axel drives in most precise, smooth and fast way.


In most of competetive softwares movement is generated with smooth speed and positon but acceleration is generated by leaps -linear acceleration profile. On low acceleration values it's not visible but results in decrease of quality of machined surface and faster wear of mechanical elements which are vulnerable to leaps of acceleration..

For all this, advanced electronics are required that can process the movement data stream in real time and transmit it to the axis drives without distortion. That is why we have also created a family of CSMIO/IP controllers that use Ethernet network connection for communication with the computer and are based on fast microprocessors, and some of them additionally use proprietary hardware solutions in specialized FPGA chips. By controlling both software and hardware, we are able to provide a complete system, the components of which fit perfectly together and which configuration is kept to a minimum.


The simCNC software is the result of our passion for numerical machines and years of hard work to achieve the ambitious goal – to create software that will provide users with the highest quality of movement, so far unprecedented in this price segment.

The program uses the popular, standard ISO G-Code trajectory description language, but when loading and working it analyzes every segment, arc or corner and practically recreates all shapes using advanced mathematical algorithms. Many variables are taken into account, such as given tolerance, speed, accelerations and type of curvature to generate data for the controller and axis drives in such a way that the movement is accurate, smooth and fast.


simCNC brings the quality to an incomparably higher level, because in its calculations it takes into account that the acceleration changes gradually. This is commonly referred to as the “S” speed profile. In practice, it often takes fractions of a second, but it makes a huge difference that can be felt on any machine tool – light, heavy, amateur or professional. Both on stepper and servo motors. In combination with the aforementioned advanced analysis and mathematical optimization algorithms, it allows to obtain excellent surface quality, shorten the machining time and significantly reduce the wear of the machine tool mechanics.


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+48 662 363 841


Plotery frezujące CNC i frezarki CNC Injectpro to maszyny o solidnej konstrukcji, wykonene ze stali i odlewanego żeliwa, wyposażone w wysoce zaawansowane i najnowocześniejsze układy sterowania. Zapewnia to doskonałą precyzję i powtarzalność obróbki oraz intuicyjną i prostą obsługę.
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